In Need of a Kickstart?

Recently we completed our first ever Members’ Reboot and there were lots of wins for those that took part ?

Big well done to Daniel & Erin who took control of the process, mapped it all out and led the members through the 4 weeks…they nailed it from the get-go.

This is something I would have generally taken ownership/control of but the guys did it way better than anything like this that has been done before.

Here are some of the results ?

Wayne –
* Big achievement was getting back into the habit of tracking food and being disciplined with daily intake and steps
* Home scales say 4kg down
* Enjoyed the reboot as it gives accountability and a daily “win” of making sure I hit as many of my targets as possible

Kay –
* Helped get back into better habits especially with water intake and planning and logging food
* Planning and tracking food making me more aware of what I am eating and helping cut out unhealthy snacking
* Started going to bed earlier and cut down screen time and finding I am sleeping better
* 4 week reboot was kickstart I needed as it has got me back into better habits and mindset and now heading in the right direction for the longer term goals I have set myself

* Improved eating habits, but still room for improvement
* Water intake is good
* Aiming to always try for 3 sessions a week
* Overall I did make progress – main goal was to get back into eating properly at evening meal time.
* Going forward will continue to improvement eating habits and track on MFP.
* Meal planning definitely helped
* Thanks to Daniel for tip about putting down tech before bed, this does work.

Claire –
* For the 3 weeks I did complete I felt like I had so much more energy and motivation.
* Started using the sleep cycle app and started going to bed at the same time/waking up at the same time and I think this made a huge difference to my sleep.
* I actually think about the foods I eat now and pick healthier snacks.
* In third week of challenge I noticed a huge difference in my work trousers and had to buy a size smaller
* Thanks for suggesting strength testing, cant wait for the next one
* Never thought I would be that person who goes to the gym but its definitely the best decision I’ve made and really look forward to going.

Rena –
* 6lbs and a reduction in body fat with one inch of my waist and hips.
* Found sticking to 1500 calories a day quite hard, with some hints and tips from Dan and other members, I was able to achieve this most days.
* I’m really feeling the benefits of drinking more water and hope to keep this up using the water reminder app.
* Still need to eat more protein but hope to get better at that over time
* Thanks to all other reboot members for posting such honest comments about days that didn’t go to plan, as well as the good ones – that really helped me.
* The 1 to 1 support from Dan was invaluable, it was great to have someone to answer all my questions and point me in the right direction.
* I’m feeling much more positive about continuing my weight loss and fitness journey.

Kathleen –
* Focussed on food/macros and water intake to maintain weight loss and aim for fat loss; keeping up exercise – sessions and steps
* Been great having accountability – so much happening over the last 4 weeks I enjoyed the celebrations and then got back on track – would have been so easy to lose focus on my own.

Sarah –
* Have lost half a stone
* Got back into the habit of tracking food which has definitely helped make better food choices
* I’ve kicked my milky coffee habit
* Drinking more water

Ashley –
* Loved the reboot challenge
* It definitely made me think more about my food and I actually didn’t find the calorie deficit that hard.
* Will continue the deficit and still do my 3 x week workouts.
* Lost 4.2lb which I am buzzing about.

Well done crew ?

Need a kick start like these members did 5/6 weeks back?

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