Lessons From Becks

Recently just finished off David Beckham’s Netflix series and it was a good watch

Better than watching Rangers/Man U in Europe this week anyway !

And I was feeling pretty nostalgic watching it

Could remember it all from growing up, he was the man in my eyes

The main lesson I took from it that I didn’t appreciate when I was younger

Was his mental strength post World Cup 1998

He was basically vilified and painted our to be the villain when England got knocked out

And reality was, they just couldn’t take a penalty (like most other major tournaments!)

The abuse he had to deal with was incredible

The whole footballing country hated him (except Man U fans)

But he managed to get through it and ultimately have the season of his life the following year

And this was without social media which has made things way worse

People weren’t talking about mental health back then as we are now

Seeking help wasn’t normal

(both of which have changed for the better)

His tip for getting through it though?

Just keep going.

Head down, dig deep and just keep chipping away

And use it as FUEL to get better and prove people wrong

It made him stronger coming out of the other side he things went his way in the end life & footballing wise

The main lesson here? Just keep showing up.

Keep momentum at any cost and just don’t stop

Mainly in relation to improving your health, wellness, fitness & lifestyle (and mental health for sure)

This time of year, less light and cold/miserable weather definitely makes things tougher

Motivation is lower to eat well and get up early/stay back after work to workout

But then where do you want to be going into summer 2024? Because that will soon come around.

Find yourself falling into the same habits at this time?

Want to stop stopping?

Have you a wedding/holiday you want to look and feel great for next year?


Start now

And just don’t stop doing something daily that aligns with your longer term goals

Or if you have been doing well for the past 3-6 months….just keep going

Either way

Just show up and don’t allow yourself to stop, rationalise stopping

Your physical and mental health will thank you for it in 3/6/12 months time

Have a good day

Don’t wait until next Monday 🙂


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