Lessons from Leo

First up

Hope you had a great Christmas and was everything you wanted it to be

You’ll know (Unless you’ve been living under a rock) Argentina just won the WC

and Lionel Messi won his first after 16 years in the game

Now there are lots of lessons

First up, dedication to his craft and longevity

If Messi did not win this, there would still be conversations about who’s the best ever

Did he really succeed by not winning the WC?

But he worked and worked and it took 16 YEARS

Let that sink in

He didn’t need to keep playing this long for Argentina

Most retire early 30s and he’s 35

But he was willing to work and stay dedicated until the very last

Be that football or weight loss

Things that are tough to achieve are tough to achieve, and take waaay longer than we would like

People overestimate what they can achieve in 1 month

& underestimate what they can achieve in 1 year

Next, you can rest assured Messi wasn’t World Cup focused for his whole career

He wasn’t fixated on that 1 thing

He has been fixated on being the best he can be EVERY SINGLE DAY

At that level, if you slow down or get complacent

People overtake you

To be at the top for that long is an incredible show of mental strength

Look at Ronaldo now, one bad half a season for 15/16 years and people say he’s finished

These guys are good…yes

But talent alone

Knowing the information alone

Writing goals down alone

IS NOT enough

True progress comes through ruthless consistency on the basics, when you don’t feel like doing them and when most would give up

Double that on top of knowledge or talent and you have a great recipe for success

Messi shows up DAILY

He’s process focused focused and his results are a by-product of that

(read that again ^^)

Too often (and New Years’ Resolutions will be a perfect example)

We say we want to lose 20lbs

Start a business

Make X amount of money

Win an award

To take my family on holiday

Stop drinking/smoking et all

These SOUND nice but what’s more powerful is:

I am going to the gym 4 times this week

I’m averaging 70k Steps every week

I’m within 14,000 calories every week

I Drink 3 litres of water daily

I’m saving 10% of all my money before I spend it

I listen to a podcast or 1/2 chapters on a topic I want to master DAILY

I create more than I consume

I am going to have dinner at the table with my family every night without my phone

I am going to be the best version of myself for my clients daily

I am going to make 2-3 uncomfortable calls daily

I am going to journal daily, plan every single week and review every single week

…you catch my drift


And something I committed big on this year was being consistent and not just going from thing to thing

I’m better than I was this time, last year

And that’s all you can do

Progress BEATS perfection

And Messi knew that

He didn’t set out to achieve what he has achieved at 17

He had no idea, I’ve played football professionally, it’s brutal and cut throat

For every Messi, there are 1000s of geniuses (not that I was one haha) that nobody knows about because they didn’t do the basics right

What he did have control over was his attitude and actions

…and so do most of us

That’s super powerful and DO NOT forget it 🙂


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