Lessons from Mindset X

So yesterday (as I write this) I had my first ‘Mindset X’ Workshop

And it was a total blast

We had around 40 people show which was amazing for 4 hours on a Sunday

I mean, I am shattered today and there was a severe come down energy wise afterwards but well worth it

I LOVED putting that on and it was a a great blast to see so many come away feeling good

New perspective

Fresh mindset

And a great chance to SLOW DOWN & assess not only where you’re at

….but where you’re going

Because here’s the thing. If you aren’t assessing…you’re GUESSING

“feel so good and confident coming away from yesterday and can’t wait to get started on 90 Day Improve Program”

“just wanted to say that today was excellent and learnt so much. A lot of which I can put into practice with what’s going on in my life just now.”

“the event flew by and that’s always a good sign”

a few bits of feedback so far from the day from those that attended ^^^

And for those that did not manage to make yesterday

Or if you were never able to make it

I have decided to do an online version this week that I shall record and send out

All learnt through personal experience too which I shall cover so no generic copied stuff here

So if you would like to know –

How to overcome failure, rejection and stop stopping 

> Learn to plan and goal set so that you’re feeling like you’re winning

Realise the importance of prioritising number 1 

> How to overcome the willpower and motivation blame game

Building next level energy and personal confidence 

I will show you how, again and online this time

(I will do another ‘in person’ as I think the experiential side adds another dimension)

If you would like attend the online Mindset X  on Thursday 26th May

Click this link


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