Lessons From Our Strategic Staff Day

Couple weeks back we decided to close the Gym for a Staff Training day

A team workout was on to kick off the day at 7am

And then we took all of the staff out of the Gym for the day to to the Drumossie Hotel freshen up the environment

We wanted to have the time to chat to the team about the vision for the Gym for the next few years

& The part they can play in the Gym’s future/how it can help create a future THEY want

That has been a huge motivator behind expanding the business

To really inspire the team and know there is more and more opportunity from within

We talked ‘behind the scenes’ of the business so they understood how the whole operation works


Margins et all

As well as some 1:1 chats with them all & personal goal setting

With all things personal development and looking back/forward

Awareness precedes change and it’s important to actually know where you’re at

Rather than going through life super re-active and 100mph

You have to slow down, so that you can speed back up

And as we approach a busy period for the gym

That’s why we decided to do this

Same goes for health/fitness/mindset/weight loss etc

You can’t plan to move forward until you slow down enough to know where you’re at

You can’t navigate a destination in a car on a SatNav until you know where the starting point is

That may be the reason why you end up stuck/lost on your journey and end up stopping



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