Lessons from realising I have put on weight

Accountability Post ?


I miss body scans too & a couple of weeks ago I did my first in aaaages ?


Kinda thought for a while I had been drifting a little and other things had taken priority – the gym, book, personal stuff and been away a lot over the past 6 months.


Not missed my workouts and still managed 4/5 a week on average but I know my food hasn’t been up-to scratch.


I realised I had put on 6-7kg and 6% body fat.


This is compared and based on what I’m used to and used to sitting at and By no means bad but sometimes you have to catch yourself before you drift a little further. If I didn’t look for another 6 months – 1 year…where would I be?


The principle is the same no matter where we are at.


Like with a lot of things – health/body/business/career/relationships


If you aren’t assessing… you’re guessing


Well this was my reality check and time to dial down a little. When you’re in the fitness business, young, no kids you have a straight path to looking and feeling your best. It’s easy. When you get a little older, business, life and kids can pull from your attention and you have to have a handle on them all, or they all slacken a bit.


I wouldn’t say it has knocked my confidence or made me really unhappy but i can see and feel it a little.


It’s easy for people to say you’re good and you don’t need to worry. But at the end of the day we all have standards and markers we set for ourselves and no matter what other people feel/think…you feel what you feel.


We are all at and start from different places & You can only compare yourself against how you were yesterday and what you know.


Are you better or worse in a certain area than what you know you should be? Then it needs some attention (and work).


Like anything in life – Avoiding what’s obvious is easy. It’s difficult to face up to it and tackle it head on.


What’s difficult is easy


What’s easy if difficult




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