Lifestyle Traffic Light System

The Lifestyle Traffic Light System

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The traffic light system is a system used to help achieve results at a consistent pace. Many people switch between Red and Green but to be completely honest Amber is where the magic happens.


  • Red is an easy pace, this is where you are maybe 50% watching what you eat/when you train etc. An example of the red zone could be when you are on holiday you are a lot more relaxed.


  • Amber is a steady pace, this is the magic zone where you are maybe 75% focused on what you are wanting to achieve… a balanced diet/training 3-4 days per week/achieving 8000-10000 steps per day/getting 7-8 hours sleep most days, this is a maintainable pace. This is where you’ll realistically be able and would want to be at 90% of the time. This is all about getting 1% better and knowing progress beats perfection. Slower results but longer term and longer lasting progress/transformation.


  • Green is 100mph, you are 100% focused on what you want to achieve, and nothing will stop you, this is the all or nothing zone. Everything is spot on from a training aspect… If you are training to achieve fat loss you would be in a much bigger calorie deficit to achieve quicker results, you monitor absolutely everything in this zone. Faster results but Harder to maintain longer term.

Like mentioned above the sweet spot is in the amber zone, this I what is most maintainable throughout a year, if you are going from red to green constantly this is the stop/start mentality whereas in amber you can keep it constant throughout.

Starting and stopping may make sense in the short term..but it’s tough, drains willpower and makes zero sense longer term from a health perspective.

You may go to green or red a few weeks within a year, but you would always fall back to the amber zone after this time to carry on moving forward.

When Olympic athletes are training for an event they would start in the amber zone, they are putting systems in place to nail down their routine, as the race or event gets closer and closer this is where they would move more towards the green zone to really dial down on that event, after the event they would most likely go to the red zone for a few weeks until they have that next event in place and continue the cycle.

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