Losing Fat From Specific Areas

It is common for people to have ‘problem areas’ on their bodies, that they really want to focus on and lose fat from that area.

We are all different when it comes to where we carry our body fat.

A lot of it depends on doing the right things consistently over time, genetics and always seek to learn more and more about your body. Keep testing it and continue to evolve as you get older.

When I was in my late teens, early 20s I weighed about 10kilos less than I do now but over time we change. I’m probably all round fitter and stronger now than I was back then, although I doubt I could play football at intensity I could back then.

It’s not always about what you used to be able to do or how you used to look.

We don’t have the same body we used to have 10 years ago.

The key is knowing you CAN continue to get better.

Look at the world now – how we act day to day, do business, have meetings, interact and socialise is just different compared to just 8 months ago. Chances are it may not get back to ‘the way it was’ but it doesn’t mean we won’t get back to living a life we enjoy.

It’s always about knowing Where you’re at now and playing with the cards you’ve been dealt and as a result of our own choices. Some we can control, some we cannot.

Our bodies will change over time, as we age and as hormones fluctuate.

For men it is often in their pecs and abs.

For women it is often their stomach/hips.

One things for sure – there is no food, no pill, no diet plan that can make you lose fat from any particular area.

Historically we store fat around our middle and our vital organs to protect them.

Ironically now that it is so easy to put on body fat, the fat around our organs can cause health issues.

Your Training and what you do at the Gym can enhance specific areas.

If you would like to improve your legs and you do some aerobic exercise like cycling and a lot of squats, you will mobilise fat and carbs for energy.

This translates into weight loss only if you are in a calorie deficit, but;

You will tone and gain muscle.

We probably all want a flatter stomach.

So don’t just do sit-ups. You cannot get a flat stomach solely from plank challenges/sit ups/ab belts.

You can focus on areas to spot enhance and tone. But they key benefits will come from higher intensity training, compound exercises and being on point with nutrition and sleep.

Work on enhancing the areas that you want to look good in. But don’t focus on them 100%, supplement them into workouts as accessory exercises between main lifts, before higher intensity work.

That’s what we do here at DM Elite.

Then, over time, as you focus on your nutrition, you will lose weight from your stubborn areas.

It just takes time and consistency – rather than a magic cure.

Don’t wish it was easier, just wish to keep getting better and don’t break the momentum.

Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do.

Like anything else in life – body, business, relationships… good things take time and there no quick fix. If it was easy…

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