“No mirrors, no egos”

“A gym like no other! No mirrors, no egos, but definitely at times some (good) pain.

– Excellent facilities.
– Instructors who are welcoming, knowledgeable, approachable and encouraging. They know how to enable you to achieve much more than you thought yourself capable of, no matter what your goals are.
– Individualised coaching even during the classes because class sizes are kept small.
– The exercises in the sessions are varied and changing, so there is no chance of boredom, and every chance of improving your health and wellbeing.
– Has a real community feel to it with very friendly and welcoming members and an active online group.
– Very easy to book and cancel sessions online.

I’d not contemplate any other gym in the Inverness area.”

That’s what Alan who is new to the gym had to say on his review since starting

Are you tired of training in gyms with no plan, structure or accountability?

Would you like a more personal, bespoke feel to your training?

Would you like to find something you actually enjoy and have you looking forward to the gym?

Does having flexibility to book PT as and when you want to train rather than rigid 1:1/class times?

Here at DM Elite those are the questions and obstacles we help you overcome with our packages

We are a gym for people that don’t like gyms

And we help get you into enjoying the gym and having it become part of your life

…rather than something that’s gimmicky and/or a bit stop>start

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