These 3 Ps are essential and what we focus on bettering each and every day here at DM Elite.


Why are they so important:


People – We like to have an inclusive and non intimating approach as trainers. We don’t want to force you on restrictive diets, look a certain way or act a certain way. Just be you, have fun, learn to enjoy fitness and going to the gym.

We aren’t interested on insisting you take before and after pictures. The story behind the picture and overall lifestyle change is more important to us.

The by-product will always be more effective longer term in our opinion. The people here are like minded individuals that want the best for you. It’s important to not only have the support of coaches…but also peer support.


Product – Ensuring we deliver an innovative, varied and enjoyable training program for people that haven’t liked Gyms in the past or want a little bit more out of their training. SGPT delivers 1:1 results within a small group environment.

The sessions aren’t generic classes, they are designed around you and ensure work at your own capacity without worrying about what everyone else is going.


Place – We want to make sure our Gym is ‘show room’ level each and every time a member walks through the door. We don’t have mirrors. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness, You have lots of space and

You don’t have to share equipment. Our goal is to give you an experience as well as an enjoyable coached session that aligns with your goals.


If this matches with what you would like and envision your fitness journey to be, don’t hesitate to reach out and join the team ?

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