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I saw this image on social media the other day and it made me laugh.


The funny thing is that some diseases are preventable and reversible through lifestyle change.


Over the last few months I have spoke to people interested in working with us through these emails having experienced the following:


– One lady in her late 40s was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after not exercising for 7 years and consuming 3-4000+ calories a day and working a sedentary job.


– A man of a similar age who had a heart attack at work with no previous history of heart problems in his family and doctors said is was brought on due to stress and lifestyle choices, he’s lucky he survived!


– Another man in his mid-50s suffered a stroke at home watching the football on TV one Sunday afternoon.


– A lady in her late twenties who suffered from anxiety and bouts of depression to the point she had to take time away from her business.


– A man in his mid-30s with a young family who contracted a problem with breathing that led to him being diagnosed with lung problems.


All of the above examples are of DM Elite clients who realised that there had to be another way.


That pills and surgery are not the answer.


Simply exercising 3 times a week and having someone keep you accountable with both exercise and nutrition is the solution.


Which is why they joined DM Elite and have or are making big strides to change their health, fitness, mindset and nutrition.


Which will result in ALL of them living longer and having a more enjoyable time.


You see, we don’t help really fit people.


We help people just like you.


But before we can help you, you need to ask for it & be willing to make that change…

Click the link below to find out more about our 4-week programme designed to give you what you need to get started.  We will then reach out and give you all the details of how our programme works.



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