Q1 and 90 Days Done

The end of Q1 is here

When I set out at the beginning of the year I like to set out annual goals/targets

These bigger targets are split into 4 chunks

And the end of Q1 is the first time to assess if I’m on track or not

Some I have managed to get

Some I haven’t

That’s only natural, the key for me is sticking to the habit of doing it

Keeping an eye on longer term all the time and not deviating

Impatient on actions

Patient with goals

Lets look at Body Weight/Fat for example

You set a goal of losing 10kg/10% BF

This can also be used for projects at work/within business so you do more in less time

To plan moments with family/kids instead of letting time slip away

As long as you are going in the correct direction that’s GOOD

Down 1-2kg/1-2%BF – don’t be impatient, just keep showing up and doing the work

THIS is the time people trip themselves up, they get impatient and stop

Worst thing you can do is kill momentum

This is a good time, however…to sit down…reflect on what’s worked/what hasn’t

And set new targets for the end of Q2 and end June/beg July

Where do you need to be to know you’re on track for longer term targets?

For me

Our aim is to open Nairn with 50 Founding members by the end of June

100 Members at DMrox Inverness and hope the day is a blast

Enjoy the holiday I’m currently on and minimise screen time/have phone free days

Hit 500 Meps Per week on MyZone (be easy to let my training slip when busy balancing 2 gyms)

1 Hyrox Specific Session P/W

Now with these targets to hand and focus being clear

It’s just a case of managing my time/plan diligently and breaking those goals into smaller chunks

Here’s to a solid and successful Q2

Any help you need on the above just lemme know and reply with any Qs


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