Should I do Slimming Clubs?

Saw this question on This Morning recently while having a little brunch ?


Here’s the thing about slimming clubs and diets?

They absolutely work (yep…I bet you didn’t think I was going to say that)

You will lose weight 


But here’s the deal…


I would consider it will not make you happy longer term.

I mean where does it end other than start/stop/start/stop…you get where I’m going. You aren’t going to do (insert slimming club) for the rest of your life.

And I’m assuming you’d want results like this to be happier and yeah I’m sure if I said you could lose x weight by the end of February you’d bite my hand off.

But I think there’s more to be said for how you get there.

If you get a result but hate the process and find every day miserable…what’s the point?

You’ve done it before

You’ve lost the weight.

Something happens from left field outwith your control, you get bored or you throw max exercise into the mix and you burn yourself out

In other words

Self sabotage

And I’m sure we have all been there. If only I had This or that and I would be happy.

You get the thing and you think


Is this it?’


You realise it doesn’t make you any happier.

One of the worst mistakes I made in my football career was when I had the most options, was playing my best football I picked the team that offered me the most money.

This was back in 2013 and I vowed every since not to do something just for money.

Remember the saying

What’s easy is difficult, what’s difficult is easy

It was easy for me to take the money but it made my life harder longer term as I was stuck in a contract playing for a team I didn’t want to play for and wasn’t enjoying the thing I enjoyed most.

So here’s the lesson:

Yes, you could accept the short term gratification and take the money (or fast weight loss(

But the actual joy is in the journey and the process.

The 3 x wins you notice every week for 52 weeks.

The slow and steady weight loss and incredible change in shape, fitness and lifestyle.

The enjoyment of exercise and looking forward to going to the gym…actually missing the buzz of not finishing that workout. 

The comments from other people asking if you have lost weight.

The change in your energy levels, ability to do stuff with your kids/grandkids and confidence in yourself when you’re going about your day to day. 


That’s ^^^ where the magic lies.

NOT the number, getting to that weight no matter what, the money you make, the material possessions

(how many times have you bought stuff to impress people you don’t like and regret it down the road?)

So to summarise it’s not always about the result and how fast you get there

…but HOW you get there 🙂

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