Should I Eat Before Bed?

Just had a member ask me this in the Gym, so I thought I would drop it into an email incase it helps.

Eating late doesn’t directly cause fat gain

But here’s the thing

We are more likely to indulge in higher calorie foods when mentally drained

Kids have gone to bed

Tired, its ‘your time’ and you want to kick back

Want to unload some stress from the day that has passed, so we eat, drink, sit on our phones

None of this generally does us any good and don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely guilty on phone and food front

We will generally be lower on willpower late in the day

Eating late also pushes daily calorie intake above what you need, especially if you’re shooting to be in deficit

…but also for maintenance, recovery and growth

So that will also lead to fat gain

We recently had our recent 28 Day Challenge finisher jump on the body scanner

End of Week 4

7kg down
4% body fat off

Following our principles away from the Gym

Crazy results, well done Ian (know you’ll be reading this)​

Here’s a video I did a long time ago, pre Covid in fact which seems like another world and years ago

How to drop at and stay lean

Not as professional looking as our more recent stuff but principles remain the same

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