Stiff, Sore & Want to Move More?

Your thoracic spine is where a lot of back pain can stem from

It will inhibit mobility ESPECIALLY if you’re training regularly or just getting started with it all

Limited range of movement will limit results…and we all want that.

If we aren’t able to move the way we want (and need) to then you aren’t going to be able to stimulate muscles and work as efficiently

…and at the end of the day if we are working hard at the Gym, you want to be getting as much out of it as possible

Sit a lot at work?

Lots of driving?

Laptop work? (like this for me!)

If you generally always feel a bit stiff and sore

This video Erin has put together to engage your thoracic spine and get your joints healthy is something you can do in your own time once per day

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