The Benefits of Losing Body Fat & How To Do It

(Rather then just focusing on scale weight your whole life) 

If you lose weight…great!


If you can do that AND maintain (or gain) your Muscle Mass chances are you will lose Body Fat also.

Reasons why this is important:

Focusing on maintaining your lean muscle tissue/dropping Body Fat rather than just being scale obsessive… going on juice diets and starving yourself will mean you will find it easier to stay lean, look better aesthetically, metabolism will High and you won’t fluctuate here, there and everywhere.

We get it’s a cultural ‘thing’ weight loss and yes…you saw your mum and dad do it, it’s all you’ve ever known and it’s all you ever hear and see at work/online.

It has a time and place yes, there will be a point you will need to lose weight…I’m sure.

However, focusing on that FOREVER is a one-way ticket to setting yourself up for failure. There will be a time it slows down and you need to think about other areas of health and fitness.

You CANNOT lose weight in a linear fashion forever.

Why we think keeping an eye on lean muscle mass and Body Fat % is so important.


Here are 3 Tips for getting your Body Fat ⬇️


1. Lift weight and strength train. No we don’t want you to get big & bulky but just put some resistance through your body – push it, pull it, squat etc – something we always cover within our sessions.

2. Keep progressing this ^ and gradually overload. To get stronger, develop lean muscle you must keep pushing weights up a bit or change different variables.

3. Make sure you are in a slight calorie deficit, yes…but nothing massive. The key is making sure your protein daily is 1.5-2g per KG of Bodyweight.

Why is this important? Chances are If you aren’t getting enough protein yes you might lose weight but you will drop muscle mass and therefore, body fat will stall and may even creep up.

To summarise.

If you are adamant, you just want to lose weight then it’s a pretty simple. Find out your Basal Metabolic Rate and make sure you’re in a Calorie deficit daily. It’s all about calories in Vs calories out.

To lose fat, get stronger, keep metabolism high and STOP yo-yo’ing up and down make sure you follow the points above.

All of which we cover within our programs here at DM Elite, Inverness. Including our InBody Scanner which gives you all these measurements as well as Fitness Coaching. 

Any questions on any of that just ask 


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