The Gym Isn’t For Me

“My wife joined the gym and insisted I use the six taster sessions. I was a robust, “The gym isn’t for me!” sort of a person but relented and came along to the sessions.
I immediately realised I had been wrong, and quickly found myself hooked. I joined DM Elite in October 2022.
Since then, I have attended sessions each week and seen a real improvement in my health & fitness as well as my mental health. I like to mix up my sessions and mix my build/power hour sessions with more cardio based sessions. Very recently, I have discovered open gym too.
The January reboot has been fantastic for me, and I now find myself well engaged with good habits that are complementing not only the gym sessions but other sports and activities away from the gym. I was fortunate enough to compete in Hyrox Glasgow, in a relay team and loved it! I am now signed up to compete in a solo effort in Birmingham in the autumn.
The DM Elite team pitch everything perfectly and I really feel the sessions, as well as the additional support such as the reboot initiative, set DM Elite out as class leading.
I’m sure I speak for all members when I say a massive thank you to the DM Elite team.”

This is what Chris has had to say on his time with us since joining back in October

He’s also 7kg down

As well as 7% down in body fat

AND has gained muscle in that time

Would you like to get fitter/stronger/healthier?

And like Chris you’d consider yourself ‘not a gym person’

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