The Importance of Mixing up Cardio Training


40 mins of the bland, same old cardio is better than nothing yes.

But if you’re looking to increase your fitness, strength and overall capacity there are better ways to mix up and vary HOW you do it:

On non strength days perform 40-45 minutes at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate on a rower, bike, ski Erg or treadmill

(unless totally necessary, running all the time is not necessary and not your hips/joints will thank you in 10-20 years)

Sled pulls or weighted carries consistently for 20-30 minutes with a light to moderate weight

15 second bursts of hard and intense work (done properly you wouldn’t manage much longer) with 45 second rest intervals on a ski Erg, bike, rower or treadmill for 20 sets

Light kettlebell work (squats, swings, cleans etc) for 30 minutes – working for 2 minutes with 1 minute rest, done 10 times with 10-15 minutes of cardio on a machine to finish off

Use EMOMs (every minute on the minute) in a circuit form and Mix up the kit you use – CV machines, skipping, kettlebells, carrying weight, step ups, jumping etc

Using Conditioning work within any strength program is hugely underrated. Adding conditioning improves overall efficiency, recovery and done properly you will NOT lose muscle or strength.

Aiming to be fitter/faster than a weight lifter and stronger than a cardio/endurance athlete is the real sweet spot for your long term health and fitness.

That’s why we factor both into our program at DM Elite and make sure our members get fitter AND stronger over time.

Try them out and let me know how you find it if you’re looking to improve your CV capacity WITHOUT losing muscle/strength


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