The importance of saying ‘no’ and lacking time

Every time you say ‘yes’ to something, you are saying ‘no’ to something you should be focusing on.

Feel bad saying no to people or stuff?

Well sometimes you have to

I remember when we opened our first Gym I had lots of clients I used to go to and train at their homes

But it got too difficult

And I knew if I were to try doing BOTH

I would have diluted myself to the point neither would have worked

try and catch 2 rabbits at once…and you won’t catch 1

Last year we started an Online Corporate Wellness Program

Businesses outsourced their companies’ health and wellness to us

But it really didn’t work, we weren’t enjoying it (as there was no buy in from the people doing it really…and that’s what we only do in the Gym now)

So we had to say ‘no’ to the businesses and accept it wasn’t working and we couldn’t keep doing it

Someone wanted to help open a DM Elite gym elsewhere last year

Offered free rent, some capital to get going but again I had to say no. It just wasn’t right for us

Would have been nice to think about, good for the ego but you know deep down when something ain’t right for you

Even personally, if you are only ever doing what everyone else wants you are going to give yourself no time to focus on things that YOU VALUE

This makes you miserable

You aren’t prioritizing number 1

Less time

Less energy

Less focus

Less motivation

Less results for you and your life

Look, time management is a big issue for us most

But I’ll tell you what’s more important 

ENERGY & THOUGHT management

Because that’s what will really drain you ^^ if you don’t get it right

and the consequence? ‘no time’

I’ll be talking more on this, THIS THURSDAY

26th May



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