The ‘Results vs Volume’ Model

The retention and result based model looks dramatically different from the volume model, with nuances existing in everything from how we treat members, cleanliness, to staffing standards, to the quality control of the actual product, and beyond. When chasing member experience and results, it’s important to remember that you’re playing the long game.  How we treat our business and view our goals collectively and myself personally – everything must feed into the long term. There are lots of ways we could boost numbers, add new stuff for an initial jump…but this would add complexity for staff and longer term be harder to keep on top of in terms of maintaining standards.


And that long game should be aligned both internally and externally within our business as we firmly believe that what’s easy in the short term…will make life more difficult in the long term.


Be that fitness, health, business, career, relationships – I and we strive to know it all feeds into longer term vision. And that’s what leads to real long lasting change and results.


While the physical membership community may cycle in and out over the months and years, our culture remains consistent and tightly aligned with our member/potential member & we do not only want to attract but want to keep as well.


To do that, we are very clear on a two key areas: (1) who our client is, and (2) what they value and want to achieve longer term.


Every single thing we do and say supports that target client’s values, which – in turn – feeds the culture they crave and makes them more inclined to stick around. This includes:

  • All verbal and written touch points
  • Internal training materials
  • Social events and community
  • Staff standards and expectations
  • Session procedures and structure
  • External relationships and partnerships


Our main member ‘avatar’ is the 45 plus with professional values, and who values a healthier life, social interaction, structure, and accountability. They’re generally ambitious, educated, career-driven, extremely social, and view spending on health as an investment and not a ‘cost’.

Here are some things we do (and distinctly do NOT do) that keeps that client coming back for more:

  • We provide constant corrections to individual movement patterns…we do NOT allow people to do things with sloppy form and with a risk of hurting themselves to make it easier and see it as a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
  • We prioritize the warm up/mobility & stick to our 50-minute session guarantee…we do NOT cut sessions short and or have people leave not understanding the ‘feel’ or value of the session.
  • We don’t have mirrors in the Gym…we are a safe space for members & leave the ego at the door.
  • We are an adult-only small group training facility…we do not offer kids sessions, promote 1:1 sessions or spin classes. We aim to be the world class at one thing. We are not jack of all trades and master of none. We want to master one thing.
  • We use alternative ways to speak to members and future members (like these emails) – we do not promote ourselves via ego centric topless workouts/selfies and ‘look at me’ BS. We value self promotion, yes…but not at the detriment of brand.


  • We place a strong secondary emphasis on no-B.S. client education surrounding strength, nutrition, and recovery…we do NOT perpetuate gimmicky industry myths and trends.
  • Our workouts are programmed centrally, and everything is spoken about as a team so we understand the themes, structures and WHY we are doing what we do. We do not allow coaches to make stuff up off the cuff. All that we do goes by the ‘DM Elite way’ of doing things and we are always open to innovating the product as we have done before. Those that would have bee with us in the early days will know this. As fun as it was, we couldn’t do that forever and cable rack systems beat resistance bands every day.
  • We partner and create relationships with high-performing hyperlocal businesses that our target client likely supports or purchases from…we do NOT partner with generic businesses that do not hold by the same values as ourselves.

Does this mean we do and say things that detract individuals outside our target demographic from coming in? Absolutely. We have members younger than 45 but they are amazing and fit right into what they do as they understand our values and align. But if we try to appeal to EVERYONE, we risk appealing to no one, and we risk confusing and losing the clients that are already in our doors.


We’re unafraid of identifying and owning our niche, and in turn, the results and experience we give to members is top notch.We cannot and do not want to be able to serve everyone. We like having a business/service that cannot be commoditised and you cannot do that by focusing on volume driven offerings at £30-40 per month, faceless membership card facility you never want to attend.



DM Elite  offers a sustainable approach to strength training, helping everyday people transform into their strongest and most confident selves.

We are the Gym for people that don’t like Gyms & When it comes to strength, structure, and accountability, DM Elite delivers.

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