The Simplest Way To Lose Weight

Listened to a podcast the other day and the guy is a personal trainer and gym owner in the USA

he did a seminar in a workplace

and there was an audience of 30 or so folks

he asked if anyone had lost 15lbs or more in their life

every hand went up

now keep your hands up if you lose weight and kept it off for the following amount of time

“3 months” – a good amount of hands went

“6 months” – about half the rooms go down

“12 months” – 2 left

“18 months” – still 2 left

“24 months” – one left

so out of 30 people, every person had lost weight, but only 1 had kept it off over a couple of years

so below I want to give you 5 tips (as demonstrated and been proven by current DM Elite Members) to lose weight AND keep it off



a food you can eat high in volume and not worry too much about, not only do they have tons of health benefits but they are also full of fibre and water –
so going to keep you fuller for longer. Aim for half a plate of veggies with your dinner…any left for lunch next day 🙂 Protein to go along with too!
On non-workout days I reduce my carbs and up my veggies as Veg are a natural carbohydrate anyway. Not to say Carbs are bad…just don’t need them as much.


OVEREATING ‘Healthy’ Food  –

Halo foods, foods the get good publicity CAN be healthy…yes,  BUT you can overeat on them also. Think – nuts, granola, avocado etc

Not seeing results but sure you’re eating healthy? This is probably the case. Time to track calories to get better insight.



Not getting the steps in can be HUGE, even if getting 3/4 Personal Training sessions in…upping your NEAT can be vital to spike results a bit.
Try aim for 54k over a week for it to have a REAL effect 🙂 on non workout/structured fitness days…increase them. Will also be great mentally to create space AND recovery.



Old British saying ‘eat until your plate is clear’

well…what if there’s too much on your plate / what if you’re eating in the USA all inclusive?? ha ha but serious this isn’t always the case

eat until your body says enough is enough, 80% full with the right amount of protein/veg/water intake and you’ll be good until the next meal



You can only keep doing something if you enjoy it

Luckily enough most people enjoy coming to our Gym here in Inverness 🙂

you can’t sustain something that’s not enjoyable

enjoy being pushed to do something you cannot do yourself

enjoy the feeling once its done

enjoy the feeling of seeing and feeling progress

enjoy the company of the people you see when you go

then GREAT…chances are its part of your life and it doesn’t always feel like a major pain in the ass going to the Gym (some days more than others haha)


this wasn’t part of my 5 but I just thought of it

RE-SET GOALS and stop thinking about weight so much

look, there’s only ever so much weight someone can lose

so….when you get there – how do you react

do you want more and more of the same buzz/feeling and it doesn’t come

you crack up…and chuck it because not ‘getting results’

well chances are you ARE making progress in other areas…you’re just obsessed on the number on scales

I get it

it’s all we have ever known to gauge progress

you go to the gym its the first thing you’re asked

but reality is there’s waaay more to it

how do you LOOK (pictures/shape)

what is your body fat and is it going down?

energy levels/confidence?

how do your clothes feel?

Mentally, are you a better person when you exercise?

I know I am – I’m less moody, cranky, reactive, see things from a better perspective, create space and get ideas when I exercise

sometimes you have to hit pause, take a step back, give your mind some time as well as your body and do the work so that you can take 2 steps forward again

AND when you get that/what exercise and the gym really gives you AWAY from weight loss

you’ll realise what’s really important

and the by product of that anyway?? yep…probably some weight/body fat loss 🙂

win win

hope that helps crew


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