The trouble with before/after pictures

Before and after pictures used to be a big part of we did at the gym

People would take pictures at the start of programs

…and then 6-12 weeks later at the end

Thing I found was after a couple of years was, most could grind it out for 6-12 weeks

The trouble was when that initial motivation/adrenalin from starting a ‘new’ thing wore off

So, what you would not see with the pictures was the real story behind the journey

How and why it happened

What was REALLY done to achieve it

(a simple ‘detox’ or quick fix diet for 6 weeks can’t and won’t last forever)

And what you never saw was the before/after/AFTER

The critical stage 6-12 months post starting program where people would have to rely on more internal motivation or drivers

Proper habit change would have had time to embed in

And is health/fitness/lifestyle now part of someone’s life for good?….or just the short term?

So that’s why we stopped

It didn’t say enough

It didn’t work longer term for the member, so we got rid

And to be honest, I didn’t want people thinking they had to take pictures to see real long-term change

If you would like to focus on the after/AFTER and know that coming into the summer 2023 or this time next year

You transform how you think, feel, enjoy coming to the gym and prioritise health and fitness into your life

AND what’s even better

We don’t do anything mad to get there

Just small, incremental changes that align with your life and goals

Done over a longer period (minus the photos)

People overestimate what they can achieve in 4 weeks

And way UNDERestimate what they can do in a year

Here’s what a couple of members had to say about their time with us in their reviews this week:

I’ve been a member at DM Elite for a couple of years now and it really is the best! I’ve never ever stuck to a regular gym program until joining this gym. The sessions are on throughout the day so it easy to fit into your schedule. Each one is slightly different and you dont know what you will get till you’re there! The sessions are great too and i’m always buzzing after… you get great support and advice from the amazing PT’s on how to do the exercises properly and they make sure you lift the correct weights so that you are pushing yourself. The PT’s, the wider team and the other members all make it a great community to be part of. So, if you’re looking for a gym where you will enjoy it, stick to it and actually see results, then this is the place for you!

I’ve never been a good gym attendant. I always found gym boring and uninspiring. Dan Moore Elite training totally changed my view about exercises, well-being and healthy lifestyle. The classes are exciting and challenging, the team gives me motivation and courage to push myself over my limits and the gym members created a community of people who share same values and passion. I’ve been totally hooked to the Dan’s gym and can’t wait to my next class !!!



DM Elite has very high standards with Top of the range equipment and exceptional Trainers. They somehow always manage to make you give everything you’ve got to give. All sessions are varied and very well balanced I’m thoroughly enjoying every single one of them. Everyone makes you feel welcome, Trainers and Clients alike. Best Gym experience Ever! Thank you DM Elite for helping me find My New Happy Place ?

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