Tips to improve confidence…

I would consider myself way more confident than I was when I was a spotty teenager – I was very shy & introverted then. And I knew that I wanted to play footy for a living but ultimately I think confidence held me back then.

I would say I’m more confident then I was 10 years ago…because I cared more about what peers thought about me rather than doing what I wanted to do or what I felt was right.

(And definitely wouldn’t have wrote anything like this)

So how do you get more confident? ?

First things first…confidence is earned and you aren’t born with it, and most people you deem confident aren’t actually as confident as they seem externally.

Do things that challenge you – workout challenges, cold water exposure, have that conversation you have been putting off, track and approach what you have been avoiding head on. Take a new course, learn something new outwith your comfort zone. You will get confident

Do the work and what you said you would – one sure fire way to not feel confident or good about yourself – avoiding doing what you said you would. And act on what you learn rather than learning without application.

Act ‘as if’ or to thinking different – we usually do this the wrong way around. Learning is great yes and trying to attract good is fine but without action you can’t know if you’re making progress = no confidence.


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