Try not to crumble under the expectations you set yourself

This can apply to a lot of areas but let’s take health and fitness.

Too often, we have an ‘ideal’ in our minds on how we should do things and how things should pan out.

Workouts – going to do 4/5 per week
Steps – I’m going to hit 10k per day
Food – I’m going to average 1500 calories per day.
Sleep – I’m going to get 8 hours every night.
Water intake – I’m going to get in 3 litres per day.

Reality is…

No matter how good an idea that sounds on a Sunday evening after a heavy weekend before you ‘start next Monday’ you will NOT likely manage that.
And it doesn’t matter how motivated you are. Life gets in the way sometimes.

And the result?

You crumble under the weight of your own expectations. You deem it as failure and you never really get started. Or maybe you have a few good days before you stop.
How about planning for the worst case scenario? Like if things maybe don’t go perfect but you hit your default plan?

When you start a business you don’t plan for sunshine and rainbows, you plan worst case and what’s the bare minimum we need to do/get to In order to keep the lights on and be profitable. More is then a bonus. You didn’t expect it but you did create an environment & mindset to make it possible.

How about you flipped it to –

Workouts – I’ll get 2 in and take from there
Steps – aim for 7k per day
Food – average out 1700 per day after if you create bigger deficit, Great!
Sleep – aim to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
Water intake – fill a 2 litre bottle and aim to finish over the day.

Ideal plans don’t always work

…But PLANNING does

Always have an ‘ideal’ yes, but more importantly… a default.

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