‘Unreasonable’ lessons from my latest read

If your business involves making people happy, then you can’t be good at it if you don’t care what people think.” (Will Guidara, Unreasonable Hospitality)


So many times people are tempted to make out they don’t care about what other people think and the perception is you have a stronger mentality.


I have always worried and wondered about what other people think – both in a negative way, but also as a positive.


When I was younger it was a negative because I probably didn’t truly live how I wanted to live, looked at other people and sort of followed. I was scared about what other people would think and based how I lived my life on that. And the trade off = less confidence.


Now that I’m older, that trait has proved to be really positive from the business’ point of view as we are customer focused, very personal and without hyper analysing what other people think about me/the service/the business it would have been difficult to get anywhere.


Granted, I do think you have to marry it up with knowing deep down what you want to go for & what’s best for you.


I was catching up with the football lads I used to play with last week and they kept going back to me reading personal development books at the front of the bus while they were having a laugh/playing cards etc.

They have a laugh and take the p*** a little because it was a little different but I was cool with it…I knew what I was working towards. So there’s definitely a single minded side to it.


But I don’t think you can be good at very much without caring what other people think. And the thing is people will judge you either way, anyway ????


Caring about what other people think (with context) matter if you want to be unreasonably good at what you do ????

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