“What about all the other Gyms opening, Dan?”

Topic raised in the gym recently is the amount of gyms that have opened recently.

Am I worried?
What do I think?
Is Inverness big enough for so many gyms?


There’s a lesson in this for anything in life.

Having an awareness of what’s going on around you is great, but if you compare and over analyze it will have a negative impact.

I don’t follow anything that goes on out with DM Elite locally, really. Having an awareness is cool but any more than that and it’s just unwanted distraction.

I know for us to stay ahead and be the best we can be, we need to stay in our own lane and double down on what we are good at.

Think of the analogy from “The Defiant Ones”

On Netflix where Jimmy Lovine uses the ability when building Beats Headphones.

If horses are racing and the jockey takes one look over to another lane, the race is lost. Your competition is gone and you can’t catch them. Basing what you want on what everyone else is doing is a sure fire way to end up a little lost.

So stay true to you. Focusing too much on what others are doing won’t get you anywhere.


24/7 access

Loads of equipment

Swimming Pools

Bigger generic ‘Classes’


Is NOT what we are about.


We are all about Personal Coaching, Building Community and the best level service we can provide for people that don’t like bigger gyms or feel confident going it alone.


We don’t have mirrors.

We don’t promise to be the cheapest.

We know our place & We cannot compete on price.

We don’t sell gym memberships with an access card.


It’s a TOTALLY different product. So there’s no sense on comparing what we do with anything new that’s popping up around us really, that’s no ignorance…just reality.

These new gyms I’m sure are fantastic places for people that want to go in and do their own thing with headphones on…but that’s not us.


Stay focused, stay in your own lane & never miss a Monday ?

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