What is Small Group Personal Training?

Something we get asked a lot

What is it we actually do?


We aren’t a standard Gym

We offer a Gym for people that don’t like Gyms

Community orientated group training geared to get results (AND enjoy the process)

Essentially they are full coached training sessions

Not a class

…and not 1:1 PT either 

So almost taking the best from both ^^

The personalisation of 1:1 without all eyes on you

The camaraderie of a class so you have peer support from like minded people

You can also train 3 times per week for less of the price of a standard Personal Training session (probably £40)

Our SGPT starts at £30 per week with the ability to come in more often

More touch points = better results and more enjoyable 

We make sure you work around your goals and strengths/weaknesses so you won’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing or doesn’t align with goals

In this video I let you know all you need to know

Incase you’re curious

Here it is

And if you’d like to come in and try us out for a week

Click here

Any questions

As ever

Let me know 🙂


Dan Moore Elite Training
3 Longman Drive
Inverness Highlands IV1 1SU

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