What makes us different to normal gyms

When I speak to someone that has just heard about us

Maybe from a friend

Or seeing a Facebook Ad and they request more information

People just really want to know what we offer and what we are all about

As people only really know – joining a gym and doing your own thing, maybe generic classes or 1:1 PT

We are almost a Hybrid of all 3

The expertise of 1:1 and having that personalised coaching

The energy and peer support of a class (no judgement or cliquey carry on)

And we have the space/equipment/changing facilities to back it up like an open gym

We really break our core philosophy and principles of running our business into 3 C’s


EVERY Single session you take part in at DM Elite is overseen by at least 1 DM Elite Trainer.

From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave you leave the sessions are coach led. All you have to worry about is booking a session & get here.

(We have 10/11 per day to choose from)

We will take you from where you’re at now, guide and support you gradually on your way to achieving what you want to achieve without doing anything you can’t do or feel uncomfortable doing.

We make our training fun, effective, different from what you may think, exciting and make sure you leave feeling better than when you came in.

Nobody wants to spend 2 hours in the Gym every day when they can spend half of that and get double the Results.


We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community of like minded people at the Gym.

No egos, no (unhealthy) competition and we are a Gym for people that don’t like Gyms.

That is our real USP…

You want to benefits of a regular fitness routine, being healthy and finding something you can stick to that fits into your life

But you aren’t a gym person or have had negative experiences in the past. Don’t let that put you off.

That’s where we fit in. And we have grown a community of people that have similar values which is super powerful.

Be that in the gym, days out, nights out or making new friends…it’s important to feel like you belong.

Our goal is to make going to the gym part of your life and a habit you build in and enjoy.

That’s what makes us more than just a gym.

Customer Experience

I have always been passionate and being experince driven when we created the business.

Experiences that are memorable and you want to tell other people about.

That is our goal at the gym.

Most people know what to do but don’t want to do it. That’s where we come in. We want you to always want to come back, get results and feel good about it.

We do put a huge amount of time into our programming, what we do but more importantly…HOW we do it.

We all know your name, we all know your strengths/weaknesses, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve your experience, we will adapt anything that doesn’t feel right, we are always there for a chat if you need some support or little boost.

We will literally do ANYTHING to make sure you’re making progress, enjoying the process with us and, of course, seeing and feeling progress.

Here’s what a couple of people that have not long started with us had to say:

“Absolutely brilliant set up – completely different to any other gyms. Every day the workout/sessions are varied and different, no wondering what to do and never boring. Classes are bookable through an app and run from early morning to mid-evening so can always find a time to suit. Classes are led by knowledgeable and encouraging coaches who ensure you are exercising properly, encourage you to push yourself and will adapt happily exercises if necessary for any injury. Great atmosphere.”

“Best Gym I have been to in years, in other gyms I have wasted a lot of money with no results, the trainers are brilliant, they are serious but also there is a wee bit of fun with it!
All sessions differ week in week out, Gym is always clean and tidy.
Would and have recommended to many of my friends.”

If you’d like to try us out for yourself and join us with our signature 28 Day Challenge to begin

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