What we are NOT….& Why

People often ask me how or why we got started

People that are not with us often wonder how or why we charge what we charge for the Gym

Essentially we aren’t a Gym, more so Personal Training…but more on that later 🙂

Why we do things certain ways which we have carried on with slight tweaks (innovate or evaporate!)

…and I can’t put my finger on exactly what

but I know what we stand against

& how we do obsess over the 3 P’s:


Our team of staff and ensuring they fit our core values and making sure they continue to grow and evolve – both for the businesses benefit and themselves personally

We do not believe in having staff that aren’t bought into our members and our overall vision, or that see this as a ‘side thing’

Our members – we would literally be nowhere if it were not for the relationships built up over the amount of time we have been going.

Sure, we have changed over time but we are 100% better now overall.

We believe in having transformation relationships with real purpose so that we can really give that person what they need

Rather than a transactional relationship where you are just seen as a number and £ sign

People come for the coaching and sessions, but people stay for our community and what we are all about as a whole.

DM Elite is a Lifestyle.


What people actually get….the sessions. We ensure that although you may be in a small group environment, you get what you need out of it.

Our coaching, service, programming and variety to keep it interesting (but still effective) for the member are paramount.

We push boundaries and comfort zones, yes…but we don’t push people to do work that they aren’t comfortable with.

Be that current fitness levels, old or current injuries or even if time if your number 1 issue. We like to think we can overcome these hurdles.

And most of all we want people to know with our product that it’s not a quick fix and is something they can do longer term.

In the end, hopefully..at the point where people are looking forward to the Gym and making it the highlight of their day.


We want people to feel safe both in terms of the environment and how it feels.

People often remark on how inclusive DM Elite is as a whole and that makes us proud.

We don’t have people filming themselves on tripods with headphones in, we value social connection.

We don’t have mirrors.

We pride ourselves on cleanliness and ensuring we have high standards.

After all we are the gym for people that don’t like gyms…so don’t expect to feel like you have previously felt, in gyms!

So what are we NOT?

Well we aren’t a membership gym.


We know essentially hiring equipment, going around the gym with little/no direction does not get results for most.

You probably won’t go very often and if you do go…you don’t know what to do, how to do it, nobody talks to you and you leave with little accomplishment.

We don’t tie you into year-long contracts.


Business and the way people want to do it is changing and we have known that since we started.

We are results-based & only want you to be here if you WANT TO BE HERE and enjoy the benefits of coming.

People that come to us value ‘outsourcing’ their daily fitness requirements on to us and that sets them up for when they leave. They love the support and accountability DM Elite gives them.

This not only helps you…but it also helps us. We know you are there for the right reason and you want results of some sort.

We wouldn’t have the community or reputation we have currently if we did business the wrong way.

Sure, we aren’t for everyone but nor could we be.

We don’t do Classes, we do SGPT


It allows us to keep the level of personalization within sessions and you get the best of both world.

A coach on hand when you need it when you’re in the gym to push you, guide you or change something you struggle with.

But also the accountability from like minded people all there for self improvement and to get 1% better every day at their own relative rate.

With classes you simply cannot deliver that same quality and level of coaching.

Most of all we just want you to look forward to fitness, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when you leave the sessions and build it into your lifestyle.

If you would like to be part of DM Elite moving forward

We are opening up space across both Gyms towards the end of this month/beginning next

If you’d like to be part of it, and try us out on our 28 Day Challenge

Click here to apply

And we will be in touch soon 🙂

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