When Training Is NOT The Problem

As we work towards our next Gym 4 Week Member Reboot

It brings us back to what we are in control of/responsible for and how we can positively work forwards

We can ALWAYS improve at different stages of our journey

Even if you have trained for longer

There are always smaller, more incremental gains that can be made

When we look at lifestyle it can cover a multitude of ‘buckets’

Here are where we would look for ‘optimal’ Vs every day averages (based from looking online/personal experience)

Sleep – 52.5 hours Vs 41-46.5 hours – potentially a whole night’s of sleep LOST

Steps – 50-70k Steps Vs 25-40k Steps – potentially down 30-40% per week

Calorie Intake – 17,500/14,000 (M/F) Vs 22,000/17,000 – 300-500 calorie over consumption per day

Trains – 3-4 hours Vs 1-2 hours

Alcohol – Less than 14 units Vs 14-23plus – potentially 9 drinks too many per week

As you can see from the examples above there’s a huge swing between what’s optimal vs reality

The goal is never perfection but just to…

1. Have the awareness of the above (you don’t know…what you don’t know)

2. Get 1% better daily and progressively get better 

Training and the Gym is NOT going to solve every problem

That is where lifestyle coaching and these Reboots are super powerful

As you can see from the above what you do AWAY from the Gym will massively impact your results IF you are focused on losing weight/body fat

We know this stuff

We teach our kids

YOU are responsible for your results and your rate of progressiob

The Gym is a catalyst to help this all fall into place

Your training program and the Gym will give you support, structure, accountability

Increase your fitness, heart health and strength

it can massively help your mental health having an exercise routine you enjoy

But YOU dictate how far you get with regards to body composition

If you would like to take your information and more importantly IMPLEMENTATION of the information to the next level

And improve your body composition results in line with the work you’re doing in the Gym

Then we can help 🙂

Seminar at DM Elite, Inverness to kick it off (will be recorded if you cannot make it)

And then 4 Weeks of Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching away from the Gym on top of your sessions

(Reboot is complementary as a DM Elite Inverness Member)

BUT it will require work in your own time away from the Gym on top of sessions?

Our goal? To embed these habits away from the Gym just like you’ve done with coming to the Gym

Both work hand in hand

Simply reply to this email ‘yes’ if you’d like to be part of it

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