Why it’s important you don’t use injuries as a crutch

Our 2 most recent Members’ of the Month, Fraser & Corinne

Both either came to us with a previous longer standing injury/experienced setback during their time

Apprehensive about getting started

But have both since loved training and working with us since, despite mini roadblocks along the way

Fraser runs a national company employing hundreds of staff

Came to us having not long ago broke his leg having previously been fit when younger having played some football

Worked super long hours, travelling etc

And he still does…but the important thing is too that he MAKES THE TIME to fit it in around his busy schedule because it makes him feel better

We offer 10/11 sessions a day Monday-Friday

And are open for 4/5 sessions on both Saturday and Sunday so yeah….

Generally you will find the time if you want to make it work 2/3 times per week

Corinne has been with us for over 3 years now and half way through that and during lockdown

She was diagnosed with arthritis during lockdown

It would have been EASY to stop both with gyms being closed and this setback

But Corinne has continued to get her 3 evening sessions in per week since and has improved her overall fitness

Gets in 6.30pm after busy days

Here is what they both had to say about their time at DM Elite:


“I broke my leg badly in 2017 and required pins and screws, it really knocked my confidence as I had been really active up until then.

After 2 years of excuses and starting to get very unfit I did the 28 day challenge and really enjoyed it.

The staff are so helpful whilst also pushing me hard to do more.

The biggest compliment I can pay though is to the other members, no one I have met has an ego and the ethos of the gym is to do as much as you can, but not competing with others but pushed on by them.

The gym has such a positive culture and that comes from Dan, Erin and the team and the environment that they have created.  Shocked to win an award but thanks very much! ”

Corinne –

“I started on the 28 Day challenge  in 2019 and have never looked back. I was pretty apprehensive ? when I first came but after the 1st session everyone was so welcoming both coaches and other gym members.

It’s so different from other gyms, in the fact that everyone is working as an individual but at the same time the coaches are there telling you what to do and encouraging you forward.

During lockdown I was diagnosed with arthritis, this has impacted the way I do sessions but there is always an option for change if the exercise is not suitable.

I have never missed my weekly sessions and although sometimes, you may not feel like going, you are always glad you have by the end.

I Would say to anyone thinking about trying the 28 day challenge give a go and you will be surprised how much you will enjoy it.

I am much stronger and feel more toned than I was before I joined.”

Got an upper body injury, can you do more lower body/core work? (and vice versa)

Sore back

Bad knees

Shoulder issues

We see people get started and enjoying the gym working around with injuries like these

It’s all about your perception of what you can do. Yes, you may not be able to do what you’d ideally like to or what you used to

But what CAN you do?

What does working out give you physiologically/psychologically?

How much better WOULD you feel after you exercise for 45 minutes 3 x times per week?

Where attention and energy goes

Results show 

To get started with us like Fraser/Corinne did

Click here

And we will be in touch soon

Have a great day


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