Why we are avoiding the ‘January rush’

“I bet you’ll be busy in January being a gym”

Something I hear a lot, and it’s normal.

We are a Gym, gyms are notoriously busy in January before it slowly dies off come March.

People eat and drink a lot in December. So there’s obviously demand.

But where there’s demand, you have to be wary as there’s always a trade off.

How many businesses in 2021 have overstretched themselves to the point the service dips? Probably quite a lot.

If you have customers that pay a price for a premium service-based business…they expect a standard and level of service that’s top notch. They don’t expect you to be stressed and burnt out because you are busier than normal.

With our Members having supported us through 2 Lockdowns now and to be frank, the reason why we still have a Gym… we aren’t going to try and ‘cash in’ & compromise on their experience in January just because it’s the time of year Gyms are notoriously busy.

What usually happens is people join for the wrong reasons and are after a quick fix & aren’t really ready to do the work required.  You sign up to a membership. Go a few times in January and you’re stuck in a contract you can’t get out of for it the rest of the year.

…that doesn’t sit well with us.

We are based on results and doing it for long term lifestyle/habit change.

Results only come when you’re ready to properly change and change your lifestyle. Rather than do a few classes/juice for a couple of weeks, hate the process and hope for the best.

Diluting the level of service our current members get is not something we are interested in. Just like getting results in the Gym and transforming habits…it’s all about the ‘long-game’.

So that’s Why we have decided, from the end of this month…we will be closed off until February 1st 2022 to new Members other than referrals from current members or people that have been with us before.

If you desperately want to jump in before then, you can do.

(This isn’t a sales pitch, we did the exact same in 2019.)

If quality Personal Coaching, a Community driven Gym and Customer Experience are top on your list of priorities & not price then hopefully we can help you in 2022 and we can see you then.

We respect that a lot of people do start their journeys off in January but we just can’t afford a massive influx then.

No huge influx.
No gym that resembles a cattle market.
We cap what we can control and deliver from a coaching/experience perspective.
And we don’t really want members fighting for space & equipment.

We could make a quick buck, yes…. but that would be to the detriment of what we and our members are trying to achieve longer term.

And apologies, I said in my last email we are cutting off new sign ups from this Friday. That was wrong sorry as that email was meant to go out at a later date.

Friday 26th is our last date for taking new members in before February 2022.

To sign up before we cut it off, click here

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