Why we are not a HIIT Gym

Not all interval training is the same

Generally HIIT as we know it has a time and a place

most of us would have had to do during lockdowns to get a workout in

if you’re travelling and stuck in a hotel room it may be all you can do

like any workout, you will get a nice release after it and feel good

It’s basically a bunch of exercises thrown together

Lots of impact

Sore (in a bad way)

Not much purpose/progression

Think ‘tabata’

Old school ‘circuits’

‘Insanity’ fitness DVDs (remember those??)

Now once a week, if your body is ready and able for it…this won’t do much harm but the worry for some is it’s too frequent

Workouts like we do here at DM Elite are here to yield progression and create a muscle stimulus

There is intent dialed into the programming so it is not random exercises for random periods of time, bringing random results

HIIT is also extremely taxing on your nervous system

Puts a lot of stress onto already stressed bodies

and unfortunately not a lot of bodies from a movement, joint health and pre existing injury standpoint are ready for it

We like to add some higher intensity blasts in here & there as it does feel great

It’s good mentally to know we are putting in the work

And there are CV as well as training your body to move fast benefits as we age & this isn’t spoken about enough

but done at the right times, and generally on safer pieces of kit (bikes, ski ergs, sleds etc)

We like to value Strength work as a foundation as we know it’s something that’s going to enable us to move better, longer term

We can link it to every day life (climbing stairs at work, picking up/playing with kids, getting around day to day pain free)

It is more valuable from a fat loss/aesthetic point of view

And although you may not ‘burn’ as many calories on MyZone all of the time

it’s the number 1 cheat code for health and longevity so it is always going to come over fitness novelty for us

With solid aerobic/anaerobic cardio work and core training it makes for a brilliant 360 approach to fitness

Any questions about your training right now

& how it aligns/links back to what YOU want to achieve longer term

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