Why we are the gym for people that don’t like gyms

“The Gym for people that don’t like gyms”

Why is this our tag line? It does seem a bit backwards but let me explain why.

First up, I never worked in a gym or particularly liked gyms (as we know them) before opening our first location in Culloden…so we set our stall out to go against the grain and create something people enjoyed coming to and somewhere people felt safe, not intimated or judged.

> No mirrors – yes we have never bothered with having mirrors. Cons outweigh the pros for us.

> Knowing names and why people are here – should be a given but remarkable how little this is done.

> Treating people like people and not another membership number. We can’t help everyone, no but those we can help we go all in on ensuring they have the best experience and we cater to their needs.

> Structured coaching from the moment you walk through the door rather than wandering about without a clue what to do or how to do it. We make sure you get a good, progressive workout based on your fitness level and you’re not wasting time you don’t have to waste.

> Not everyone that comes here knows what they are doing from the get go. Yes, people learn over time but we specialise in making sure you feel at ease and are comfortable with what you’re doing.

We like to make things simple for you to feel good about yourself and we have a flexible that fits into your life if you want to make it work.

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