Our Signature Program for both Men & Women is our Group Training Program DMIC

So What is DMIC all about?

DMIC is Group Personal Training, just what you’d do in a personal training session but with other people like you - everyone works off a similar program, but we adjusted it based off your unique needs and requirements.

Although it’s in Group format we know every members’ strengths and weaknesses so we can individualise the sessions as much as possible. You always train with the same people and do what YOU can do, you never do something you’re not comfortable with and you work at YOUR Pace.

Any aches, pains, injuries we either rectify or adapt personally for you There are always 1 or 2 Personal Trainers on hand taking the session, guiding you through it, making sure you’re doing  everything correct AND most of all making sure you work as hard as you can, so you don’t need to worry about motivating yourself or what to do

All we care about is you showing up, getting into a routine exercise and food wise and sticking to it.

IF you do that, you WILL see and feel change

We also love the odd night out together and do other social stuff so that we always have something to work towards

It’s a totally ‘unique’ Gym environment and you have to see it to believe

You must however work FOR your result. We provide all the tools – sessions, recipes, support/guidance, the environment BUT you must commit to it, we can’t do it for you and can’t magically produce Results without a change in mindset and what you’re focussing on

We want you to get out of your own way, listen to us, ask for help when you need it and go ‘all in’

If you do what we tell you to do you WILL 100% change your life and feel better about yourself, have more confidence, energy, tone up and get yourself back into shape.

So what do you get:

  • You can come in as much as you like week to week (Mon-Sat) and work with our trainers on your agreed set time(s). So that’s up to 6 sessions a week (the average each member comes in is usually 2-4) you have access to – that WILL get you fitter and more toned if you stick to it
  • We give you step by step emails to follow when you begin so that you know what to do and when
  • You get full access to the DM Elite Recipe Website which has over 2000 meals in there so that you have plenty choice as per your likes/dislikes. We also give you mini-recipe booklets you can download and print off.
  • Access to out Private Online Community Pages so that you have UNLIMITED support/guidance
  • We will individually review your progress week to week AND month to month in more detail to make sure you’re getting what you want AND so that you’re still getting that ‘personal touch’ within the Group Environment

So What is DMIC all about?

If you follow this Program you will LOVE it

Personal Training level service and quality within a Group Format

It’s also remarkably good value

For all of the above is it £149 every 4 Weeks

(so under £40 a week)

You are not tied in for anything longer than 1 month at a time

You are with us for as long as you want to be in

We ain’t keeping you in any long term contract you can’t get out off

When you consider 1:1 Private Training with Dan is £75 per hour

It’s kind of a no brainer if you want the best level of Service & Results

To give you that peace of mind we will even give you a Free Taster Week as a regular member so that you know what you’re getting into a get a chance to ‘test drive’ the Program before you commit

To Discover More, The Session Times we offer and Our Availability follow the Links Below

I first joined DM Elite a year ago and have never looked back. I was a slave to slimming clubs for nearly 20 years losing weight then gradually putting it back on and was caught up in the vicious circle of yo yo dieting.
So last year I decided I wanted to do something different and wanted to quit the slimming clubs for good. A friend at work recommended DM Elite and and I have to admit to being slightly sceptical about how it would work because it was so different to anything I'd ever done before. How wrong was I!!
A year on I have dropped a dress size and am more toned than I have ever been. Every day is different with a variety of exercises targeting different parts of your body. But even better than that is they are fun with a great feeling of camaraderie amongst the other women.
Having experienced the difference in the way I looked and felt I persuaded my husband to take part in the Men's Program in January. So far he has lost nearly 2 stone and has just signed up for another month. Because he was following the eating plan I too joined him and it has opened up a whole new way of cooking and eating for both of us.
I honestly can't recommend DM Elite highly enough - it has had a totally positive effect on me both physically and mentally. For those of you that are not sure just give it a go - you won't regret it!!

Elspeth &  Dave Beardwood

​Fed up going up and down the same half stone for years and seeing how well 2 of my colleagues had done with TBL1 I joined Group 2 mid September 2017.
It was the best thing I could of done for myself. I lost 1st and 47cm in the first 6 weeks and that just made me want to carry on. It didn’t take long to change my routine and my eating. 5 months on I have now lost 3st, 80cm from chest, waist and hips and I’m down 2 dress sizes. I feel so much better and I am the fittest I’ve been in my adult life.
DMIC is a such a positive place where you work out at your own level, no pressure to be THE best - just do YOUR best. I can’t recommend it enough if you are needing the extra push & support.

Carolyn Morrison

If you want to work with us on a Private 1:1 Level on Dan’s Fitness Concierge Program Click Below To Discover More 


This is a complete Body Transformation you getting full Private access to Dan if you’d rather do it on your own, it’s our highest end offering and gives you as much access to Dan as you require

Our Fitness Concierge Programs are in 12 Week Blocks so you get 90 days with Dan and he will work with you privately and give you everything you need, from 1:1 sessions in the Gym to going shopping with him

You will be in contact daily checking in with him

You will come in and train with Dan privately in the Gym

You will go on a Shopping Trip with him at the start of the Program

You will 2 hour Strategy Session with Dan at the start so that all obstacles are broken down, your mindset is ready and you are thinking and acting like someone that’s ready to really transform their life

Weekly Body Stats to assess Progress

Mindset Coaching so that your MIND progresses as fast as your BODY does and you can sustain results/keep progressing

Open access to additional Group Training Sessions if you’d like to do more

Weekly Sports Massage so that you stay injury free and improve mobility/flexibility

Beauty Treatment Day at the end of the Program of your choice

The Investment for this Program is £3250 for the 12 Weeks with Dan

Dan has space for ONE client every 3 months for this program

If you want to set up a strategy session with Dan to chat ab​​​​out this, then fill out the following Application Form and he will be in touch with you to set up an appointment at your home or in the Gym