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The Simplest Way To Lose Weight

Listened to a podcast the other day and the guy is a personal trainer and gym owner in the USA he did a seminar in a workplace and there was an audience of 30 or so folks he asked if anyone had lost 15lbs or more in their life every hand went up now keep […]

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Intermittent Fasting – Good or Bad?

Before we start Here is a video breakdown of the following if you’d rather that 🙂 With all ‘diets’ its all about the amount of food you consume over a DAY if you’re looking to drop body fat/weight then understanding that & applying it is key HOWEVER a highly effective way to do this can […]

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5 Fitness Fails

TOO MUCH CARDIO People think you just need to up your cardio game in order to lose more weight, which is not the case. Actually, persistent moderate steady state cardio is not going to get you that adaptations you’re looking for unless you’re looking to decrease muscle mass. Cardio is hardand yes it is great […]

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5 Fitness & Fat Loss Rules for Inverness Mums and Dads

RULE 1: You CANNOT Out-Train a Bad Diet Whaaat? I know… I know a tough one to take and wouldn’t life be easier if we could eat and drink what we want no matter how hard we work in gym but yeah if you want to lose a good amount of body fat/weight it won’t […]

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The Benefits of Losing Body Fat & How To Do It

(Rather then just focusing on scale weight your whole life)  If you lose weight…great! BUT If you can do that AND maintain (or gain) your Muscle Mass chances are you will lose Body Fat also. Reasons why this is important: Focusing on maintaining your lean muscle tissue/dropping Body Fat rather than just being scale obsessive… […]

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