We Want To Give You a Kick Start To Help You Get Fitter, Healthier, Back Into Shape AND (Most of All) Enjoy It

We Are The Gym For People That Don’t Like Gyms


EVERY Single session you take part in at DM Elite is overseen by at least 1 DM Elite Trainer. We will take you from where you're at now, guide and support you gradually on your way to achieving what you want to achieve without doing anything you can't do or feel uncomfortable doing.

We make our training fun, effective, different from what you may think, exciting and make sure you leave feeling better than when you came in. Nobody wants to spend 2 hours in the Gym every day when they can spend half of that and get double the Results.


Be part of a Gym that has a real Community focus, is driven by a team of like-minded members there to help one another and most of all, make friends in the process.

Sending that first message, stepping through the door for that first time and knowing what to do (and how to do it) can be really daunting. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with us so that we can make ‘going to the gym’ part of your life, enjoyable and achieve life changing results in the process. As well as sessions in the Gym we have a lots going on out with the Sessions so that you know we are more than just a Gym.


We all know your name, we all know your strengths/weaknesses, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve your experience, we will adapt anything that doesn't feel right, we are always there for a chat if you need some support or little boost.

We will literally do ANYTHING to make sure you're making progress, enjoying the process with us and, of course , seeing and feeling progress.

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Our 28 Day Challange gives you the chance to test drive our Gym (without long term contracts) and experience what we are all about. We’ll help give you that kick start you need to get going again & more than anything, show you how we can deliver the results you want over time.

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"I've been a member at DM Elite for a couple of years now and it really is the best! I've never ever stuck to a regular gym program until joining this gym. The sessions are on throughout the day so it easy to fit into your schedule. Each one is slightly different and you don't know what you will get till you're there! The sessions are great too and I'm always buzzing after... you get great support and advice from the amazing PT's on how to do the exercises properly and they make sure you lift the correct weights so that you are pushing yourself. The PTs, the wider team and the other members all make it a great community to be part of. So, if you're looking for a gym where you will enjoy it, stick to it and actually see results, then this is the place for you!"


"I have never been a gym user. The Session format is an excellent way for me to get exercise, the time options allows flexibility and I’m impressed at the exercise variety across each session. If you are looking for an exercise format I’d encourage anyone to give it a try."


"I'd seen Dan's social media posts and his approach to health and fitness convinced me to try the 28 day challenge. Not being a gym goer, I found the sessions incredibly tough but soon noticed I had more energy and felt better in myself, so went on to become a full member. I have a long road ahead to reach my weight and fitness goals but I think I've found the right gym and the right people to help me get there. Regardless of your age, weight, injuries or fitness level, Dan and his friendly knowledgeable instructors focus on encouraging individual progress. Sessions are different every time and adjusted for any issues you have. "


"‘A gym for people who don’t like gyms’ and it is literally that!

I’ve never felt so welcome to anything like I have here at DM Elite. My initial anxiety about attending a gym was gone within a matter of a few sessions and I’ve walked out of each one feeling like I’ve achieved something.

Regardless of who takes your session, they encourage you 100% and truly care.

DM Elite is now a huge part of my week and the best decision I’ve ever made.

I can’t thank them all enough for the help and support they’ve given me in such a short space of time.

Highly Recommended "


" My wife joined the gym and insisted I use the six taster sessions. I was a robust, "The gym isn't for me!" sort of a person but relented and came along to the sessions.
I immediately realised I had been wrong, and quickly found myself hooked. I joined DM Elite in October 2022.
Since then, I have attended sessions each week and seen a real improvement in my health & fitness as well as my mental health. I like to mix up my sessions and mix my build/power hour sessions with more cardio based sessions. Very recently, I have discovered open gym too.
The January reboot has been fantastic for me, and I now find myself well engaged with good habits that are complementing not only the gym sessions but other sports and activities away from the gym. I was fortunate enough to compete in Hyrox Glasgow, in a relay team and loved it! I am now signed up to compete in a solo effort in Birmingham in the autumn.
The DM Elite team pitch everything perfectly and I really feel the sessions, as well as the additional support such as the reboot initiative, set DM Elite out as class leading.
I'm sure I speak for all members when I say a massive thank you to the DM Elite team.