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I Don’t Know What To Do At the Gym

Whenever someone starts working with us, we always take on board of what’s getting in the way of the results they want. Below is a brief list of some of the most common obstacles we hear. See if any of these ring a bell: I don’t know what to do at the gym I get […]

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“Bottling Up” The DM Elite Vibe

Shona and Mary are regular attendees at DM Elite. Shona has been with us for over a year now, has completed marathons and smashed Hyrox along the way and really grown to love the Gym and what it stands for. Mary has been a 6am ever-present for over 6 years now from our Culloden days, […]

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A Letter to Steve Bartlett

Not sure if you came across this post last week Ben Coomber, whom we had on to talk to us during lockdown on our Podcast and members page a couple of years back…produced a great arguement against The Diary of a CEO podcast and Steven Bartlett. Here is the link Click to Watch And it’s something […]

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What’s getting in the way?

“I just don’t have enough time to workout” Here’s the truth Exercise is THE most powerful tool to buy yourself more time (on Earth) Whenever someone starts working with us, we always take a careful inventory of what’s getting in the way of the results they want. Below is a brief list of some of […]

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Are You Lifting Heavy Enough?

Hope you had a great Xmas Got a spicy one today… A recent study titled “Are Trainees Lifting Heavy Enough? Self-Selected Loads in Resistance Exercise: A Scoping Review and Exploratory Meta-analysis” aimed to investigate whether people select appropriate weights for their resistance training exercises. Let’s dig into the study, its findings, and the implications for […]

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No January Rush (& Why)

Last week I mentioned we won’t be opening up the Gym for the “New Year rush”   And we have had people that haven’t been with us, ask to sign up to us come 2024.   For the last 6/7 years I think people assume I lie await until midnight on Hogmanay & turn the […]

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Why we are not a HIIT Gym

Not all interval training is the same Generally HIIT as we know it has a time and a place most of us would have had to do during lockdowns to get a workout in if you’re travelling and stuck in a hotel room it may be all you can do like any workout, you will […]

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Use It Or Lose It

As we age, our bodies go through various changes, and one of the most concerning issues is fall prevention for older adults. Falling can have serious health implications, and it’s crucial to understand the prevalence, risks, prevention strategies, and health implications of falls among older adults. There are ways to reduce the risk of falls […]

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Bit of Reality on Toning Up (Before Bad Advice Comes)

I’m getting a bit proactive here I know you’re going to see loads of conflicting advice as we near post Xmas/New Year period So here’s a little dose of reality and how to approach Fat Loss (Toning Up) in 2024 before your social feed goes mad Fat loss is the most rigid nutritional phase. Meaning […]

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Win Personal Training Package (worth £200)

Hey As we near the end of the year we are looking to run a competition as a thank you for reading these our blog and emails this year This is a chance to win One Month at DM Elite to the value of £199 The cut off to complete the survey is 12pm Friday […]

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